Is Tucson Air Conditioning The Most Trending Thing Now?

8 Jan

The sensor follow it along it keeps going goes up and they can check it right there where it goes into the cabin then you can follow that low pressure line out check right here check right in here and then follow the low pressure line you can see it goes down compressor and check over there so those are all the main points that you want to.

check if you have access right in here is the evaporator if you have easy access and you can’t find any leaks there could be a leak in there it’s a lot less likely still another potential possibility we’re not going to check it out because the odds of that leaking are very slim and I have a feeling I know where the leak is coming from so let’s go in the garage and check it out one thing I should mention is this truck has a substantial leak where the a/c is only cold.

For a day or two in this case Tucson Air Conditioning we ran the truck for minutes and that’ll be long enough for the UV dye to leak out because you need enough time to actually have the UV dye leak out of the system so if you have a leak that lasts a few weeks two months before you stop getting cold air you might need to drive the car around for a few days to get enough UV dye leaking out so that you could actually see where the leak is that leak is probably going to be relatively small all right in the garage.

we’re going to use our UV light came with the kit and we’ll start at the compressor and work our way around the system so I could get a better angle if we go down in through the wheel well so this is the first area we want to look at this is the compressor so I don’t see anything glowing up there’s something so.