How To Leave Reverse Vasectomy Without Being Noticed

12 Oct

Perform a vasectomy reversal purely because that man after his vasectomy is having pain so the goals are different obviously I’m not these couples are not trying to initiate pregnancies again but what we’re trying to do is relieve that blockage and we’ll get into how I do have a second.we reversal in a few slides and have a little better understanding of that anatomy to understand why this could occur and then what I do to fix it what about the men that have gone somewhere.

Else for reverse vasectomy and it didn’t work are they still candidates for a redo vasectomy reversal and the answer is absolutely once I evaluate them and and we go into some of the evaluations necessary on the female side as well prior to electing vasectomy reversal as a way to establish fertility again so here is the anatomy at least of the vs defer ens and of the epidermis and again.

I’m going to turn towards my drawing here a little bit to show exactly where a vasectomy is done and then also where vasectomy reversals are performed so the vs defer ens itself starts really as this little tube that comes off the backside of the testicle and goes all the way up into the scrotum and eventually up into the urethra so the actual vs defer ens in a human is about this long where most vasectomies is the scrotum is somewhere from about here all the way down.

To here so somewhere in here is the common site for a actual of the second anime so when I’m planning my surgical case I’m always visualizing exactly where that vasectomy site is and that’s the place I’m going to target first to find a way to put this man’s vs defer ens back together and so basal tube here the other important gland I want to point out has this gland that looks like a little sea called the epidermis and the vs defer ens is really merely a continuation of the epidermis the other way to look at it is the epidermis is a very very finely coiled tube the diameter of the.

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